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Breathwork is the fastest and most effective way to create rapid change, in our personal and professional experiences. This breathing technique allows us to access higher states of consciousness, where we can tap into inner resources and wisdom.

To begin our journey we will connect with our breath. Breathwork is a deep practice that allows the body to let go of experiences and memories stored unconsciously. This is a deep, conscious style of breathing that floods the body with life-force energy (Prana – Chi – Kundalini). It unlocks suppressed emotions in our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, and then removes blocks in a truly powerful way. This helps to move emotions (energies in motion) that we may be subconsciously holding on to so that they can be released and transformed – and so we can be FREE. The flow of conscious connected breath can help us to transmute blocked energies and past experiences. This transmutation liberates us to connect with life from the present moment: powerfully and consciously. Breathwork and music frequencies or Sound Bath are the perfect combination. Through breathwork you will allow the body to release what may be held within your cells and your DNA conscious or unconscious in order to integrate what is unveiled.